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Il Tabarro

Opera Magazine ★★★★★

An authentically satisfying performance.

Opera Magazine

Il Tabarro

Boulezian ★★★★★

This was a May Day performance of Puccini’s opera to match what one might hear in the most exalted of houses, with all the advantages of observing the action at close hand. In this concert staging, there were no sets, but there was keen, telling direction (Ella Marchment). Imaginative use was made of the space too, the chorus and certain other solos being heard from above and around, reinforcing the sense of being trapped, fatally so, upon a river barge.

Mark Berry, Boulezian

Private Peaceful

Views From The Gods ★★★★★

Ella Marchment ensured that there were well-thought-out touches throughout.

Views From The Gods

Private Peaceful

Top London Theatre ★★★★★

Ella Marchment’s directing of this piece focuses on bringing out a simple story…discovering the multilayers of the story, as opposed to just focusing on one idea. The production…gives a freshness to somewhat stale writing.

Top London Theatre

Stand and Deliver

LondonTheatre1.com ★★★★★

It must be really difficult to put on a show like this…but director Ella Marchment has managed to navigate this successfully.


Robbie’s Date

Views From The Gods ★★★★★

Director Ella Marchment skilfully deals with the shift into seriousness and captures so many heartbreakingly bleak moments well.

Views From The Gods

Rock Tosca

Bachtrack ★★★★★

Cavalier’s Rock Tosca is basically one of the best ideas anyone has ever had. Big, sweaty, loud and brilliant, rock’s ego-heavy aesthetic is ideal for Puccini’s personality-driven thriller. Ella Marchment’s direction makes the most of this, focusing us on individual characters in turn, keeping the crucial claustrophobic air of persecution in each scene while blasting us with big volume and bigger emotions.



Constella OperaBallet – Exploring Mining Heritage

Toi Toi Opera Club Nights