• Director – Ella Marchment
  • Starring – Daisy Boulton
  • Writer & Composer – Daisy Boulton
  • Song Producer – Johnny Stanley
  • Director of Photography – Daisy Boulton
  • Editors – Daisy Boulton and Johnny Stanley
  • Dance Videographer – Scott Howard
  • Beach Choreographer – Jo Meredith
  • OperaHarmony
  • Worldwide online release
  • 2020



OperaHarmony features a series of operas created in isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.

Edge of Time

In 1965, Hannah Gavron – a bright, sophisticated, young writer and sociologist – gassed herself in Primrose Hill, north London. She left behind a suicide note, two small children, and an about-to-be-published manuscript titled The Captive Wife.

Jeremy Gavron, the youngest of Hannah’s two children, was four years old when Hannah ended her life. As an adult, Jeremy researched the events surrounding his mother’s death, and the resulting book, A Woman on the Edge of Time, pieces together – from letters, diaries, and the memories of old friends – a picture of a brilliant but complex woman, grappling to find an outlet for her intelligence and sexuality in the shifting sands of the 1960s.

The Edge of Time film was inspired by Hannah Gavron’s life and by Jeremy Gavron’s book. The film is dedicated to the memory of Hannah Gavron (19 Aug 1936–14 Dec 1965).

Edge of Time: a one-actor show, inspired by Jeremy’s book.

The Edge of Time film features, in order of appearance:

  • Daisy Boulton
  • Domi Hawken
  • Olivia Marrie
  • Alexandra Dowling
  • Zainab Hasan
  • Kate Boulton
  • Edith Gill
  • Viktoria Patsios
  • Anna Patsios
  • Tarika Gidwaney
  • Lottie Emck
  • Carolyn Dobbin
  • Arjin Celik
  • Bernice Stegers
  • Ella Marchment
  • Megha Shah
  • Kay Marchment

With thanks to Jeremy Gavron and everyone involved in the making of the Edge of Time film.

The Edge of Time film was made by OperaHarmony in isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. Social-distancing measures were followed at all times. All scenes were filmed on Daisy Boulton’s iPhone, and they were created and staged by Daisy Boulton and Ella Marchment.