Once upon a time in far away Winchester lived the Queen of the Vampires. Tormented by her ancestors, tortured by her fate to walk the Earth as the living dead until the end of time, and torn up by the fact that her most beloved sister Elisabeth has been missing for nearly 150 years, Vampirella tries to cheer herself up on all Hallows Eve by throwing the best party in all of the land.

Only – as with all parties – nothing ever goes quite to plan.

Dare you enter the Vampiress’s lair? If so, welcome to this unforgettably spooky evening of operatic mischief as the Queen of the Vampires attempts to control the chaos that unravels around her during her annual Hallows Eve party.

And – most importantly – will they all live unhappily ever after?

Program Notes, GOTHIC OPERA – DINNER FOR WHO, 2021