The Soldier’s Tale / Renard

  • Double-bill production
  • Directed by Ella Marchment
  • Composed by Igor Stravinsky
  • Helios Collective and Constella OperaBallet
  • Bloomsbury Theatre, London; Swiss Church, Covent Garden, London
  • 2015


Helios Collective and Constella OperaBallet came together to form a travelling troupe of modern-day bohemians, presenting an evening fusing opera, ballet, and theatre.

The Soldier’s Tale is a musical parable by Igor Stravinsky, to be read, played, and danced. The story tells of a soldier who trades his violin with the devil in exchange for a mysterious book. As the tale unfolds, the soldier and devil devise mischievous schemes to outwit each other.

Stravinsky’s opera-ballet Renard is based on a Russian Folk tale: a comically dark fable that presents a curious series of events played out by farmyard animals. The production featured choreography by Erico Montes of The Royal Ballet.

Bernard Hughes ★★★★★

It is to the credit of the companies and director Ella Marchment that they took them on and did so much with them.

In Ella Marchment, I see a director and artistic leader of imagination, assurance and style.

Bernard Hughes


Ella Marchment

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